Presentations Automatically Organized from Lectures (PAOL)

Ryan Szeto, Chris Kondrat, Paul E. Dickson, W. Richards Adrion, Tim D. Richards


Internet accessibility has risen sharply over the past decade; as a result, online lectures have also gained significant popularity. Supporting this trend requires a portable and scalable system that can capture all relevant parts of a lecture. Additionally, such a system should be simple enough for an instructor to set up and use immediately at the start of a lecture. To this end, we present an automated lecture capture system called Portable Presentations Automatically Organized from Lectures, or Portable PAOL. It captures and processes video feeds of the lecturer, his/her computer, and the whiteboard in real time, producing a synchronized lecture that can be viewed in a web browser. The hardware used by our system is light and easy to set up, so instructors can record any lecture, seminar, or symposium with ease. In addition, the hardware is relatively inexpensive, so departments can configure and rent out multiple PAOL laptops. These qualities make our system a valuable supplementary tool for teachers and students of the 21st century.


This project was done under the advisement of Dr. Paul Dickson, Dr. W. Richards Adrion, and Dr. Tim Richards. Many thanks to Raelen Recto, Tung (Steven) Pham, Hai (Freddy) Nguyen, and Brendan Murphy for their work on the accompanying Lecture-Viewer project.


LINK Portable Lecture Capture that Captures the Complete Lecture
Paul E. Dickson, Chris Kondrat, Ryan B. Szeto, W. Richards Adrion, Tung T. Pham, and Tim D. Richards
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, 2015
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